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Website Development Training

Today, having only an online profile is inadequate. So much more is expected from brand owners these days, so they must use information technology to accomplish business and social tasks online every single day. These could be business to business operations, customer to business operations, or inter-departmental operations. Sometimes a brand needs an online community web application.

Only a DYNAMIC and INTERACTIVE website solution can meet these needs. These types of websites allow inter-activities; the users are able to interact with the website..

Developers for such websites must be masters at creating interactive websites like eCommerce, shopping cart, dating site, news site, content management system, social networking site, forum, job board etc.


Technology in Use for this Training


You will be able to build any/most of the following sites yourself

These websites could be very tedious for a regular programmer to create because they demand core computer logical reasoning – out-of-the world reasoning which is the ability to think like a computer itself. This is why in our Web Application Development classes, our trainees are taken through the modules step by step: Developing their programming skills from those of novices to those of prolific experts.

Website App. Development Training Details

Time and Price Table for Website App. Dev. Training
  • Plane
  • Price



  • Certificate of training (free) will be awarded immediately after the last class to only those that do not missed any of the training classes.
  • Training Materials/Ebooks and Software Installation will be free for all Students


Skill Requirement

You are expected to have good knowledge of HTML & CSS and must have designed a website before. If you do not have this requirement, you will first need to register for our WEBSITE DESIGN TRAINING or do both at a reduced price by registering for the WEBSITE COMBO TRAINING

Hardware Requirement
You are expected to come for the training with a laptop that has wireless LAN. Internet connection will be provided by Topsite Infotech if need be.

Software Requirement
All softwares needed for the training will be provided by Topsite Infotech.


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