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Website Design Training


The visual representation of a website is pretty much as important as the substance itself. Once these two areas (visual representation and substance) are perfect everything else is secondary.
A standard website should score points on sight. A perfect website should make you gasp.

The scope of Website Design Training at Topsite Infotech entails learning how to make website inspires gasps.

A website is such a significant electronic platform for brands that the state of its visuals affects how the brand itself is perceived. Hence perfection is crucial. After all, the ‘first impression lasts longest’.

The Topsite Infotech team is trendy; we always have the latest website design skills and the W3C coding standard. Join our experts in semantic web, Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies.


Technology in Use for this Training

You will be able to build any/most of the following sites yourself

A website designer wannabe should have a good sense of art and passion for computer logic because it involves creativity and professionalism, which is one of the skill we will be passing onto you as our student.

Website Design Training Details

Time and Price Table for Website Designing Training
  • Plane
  • Price


  • Certificate of training (free) will be awarded immediately after the last class to only those that do not missed any of the training classes.
  • Training Materials/Ebooks and Software Installation will be free for all Students


Skill Requirement
No previous Web Technology Skill is required for this training but you are expected to have good Computer Usage Skill.

Hardware Requirement
You are expected to come for the training with a laptop that has wireless LAN. Internet connection will be provided by Topsite Infotech if need be.

Software Requirement
All softwares needed for the training will be provided by Topsite Infotech.

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